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As a part of our immigration service, we at Wise Education will help our students to start a bank account in the country where they get educational visa and admission. Students can use the bank account for getting money from their parents from India on need.

Students can withdraw money through ATM machines in world wide if they have a savings account in India which has a Global ATM card that is on the VISA ELECTRON, CIRRUS, MAESTRO or PLUS network. Money deposited in the saving account / cash passport account in India will be available for withdrawal the next working day. Depending on the ATM machine, US dollars or Russian roubles or Ukrainian hryvnias can be withdrawn. There will be a transaction fee associated with each withdrawal. You are advised to check this with your bank. Spending pattern could be very well monitored online by this way of transaction and will be useful for the student to maintain a safe monthly budget.

Its Better to be safe for your future

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